11 March 2011

Mega City One Slammers

These came out around the release of the Stallone film, along with two different types of spugs (never heard of them before this). More about the spugs themselves in a future post! Four different packs, containing the varied slammers at the top of and the spugs below. They look quite decent on the shelf and the coins are excellent but the spugs themselves are just a waste of space really!

As said above, the coins come in two designs Dredd & Death and also painted & unpainted. The rear of each coin shows Dredd's badge of office and again it's painted & unpainted.

In each pack there was a redeemable voucher (spugcredit)  but due to these not taking off there was never a chance to redeem any of them, to get any of the following goodies. Pity, as I would have liked to have seen what the phonecards looked like!

Finally, just to show you how large these are, the obligatory 50p comparison photo!

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