20 May 2019

4 Books of 2000 AD creators signatures and counting...

A few years ago I decided to see how many signatures I could collect in 5 books, over a whole year. You'll notice I said 5 but the title says 4, stay with me!

I decided that the following books would be part of my insane master plan. Both versions of THE ART OF JUDGE DREDD books, the THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD book and two of the Hachette AMERICA books.

The one rule is that you have to have worked on official 2000AD material at least once and then you're in.

I took them to a few cons and specialist signings throughout the year and realised my mistake straight away, as they are quite cumbersome and some might say heavy. Anyway at the end of the first year I held a free raffle at Christmas to give one of the America books away and at the time it had over 50 signatures inside. This was my way of giving something back to other fans, as if they couldn't make it to as many cons as me, or couldn't manage to get to any at all. Then at least they would have some signatures in a book, with a solid guarantee, that they were all real. Hence the 4 books in the post title.

Once the year was over I realised that I didn't have quite a few of the creators that I had met at many a con before this idea came to me, so it has become an eternal task. Sadly I never added Carlos Ezquerra to them, as I would always think, I'll grab him next year! This if anything has spurred me on and I am glad to see quite a few of the old guard are starting to attend conventions, which is something rather special, as their work was the initial pull to the Prog that hooked me!

Over the last fortnight I have been to Enniskillen Comic Fest and also Lawless, were I added an extra 7 names to the books.

Here are those books without their slip covers, as I never take them, due to the damage that would happen to them. When the creator has signed the America book, I scribble down where that was (some signatures are hard to distinguish) and then do a tidy copy, which you will see in the last photo.

The ART OF books are different because Rebellion did a variant cover, which also had different colours and textures on the book itself. I managed to get Ron Smith to sign the rare one at Forbidden Planet. This you can see on the second picture, at the right of the 'E' in Judge.

Don't forget, click on the first picture to start a slideshow!

See you next time for whatever I drag out!

By the way, in the book with Ron Smith, I'm up to 128.

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