16 April 2010

Judge Dredd Phonecards 'Series 1'

In the October 1995 edition of Model & Collectors Mart there was an advert by P&J Promotions for numerous B.T. phonecards and amongst all the Star Wars, Aliens, Captain Scarlet, etc... were three cards, featuring Dredd on his Lawmaster and Mega City One, I was in heaven. At the bottom right there was a phone number, that was it I had to ring up to enquire about them and so I placed my order over the phone and started collecting. The price of each card was £10 plus £1 p&p and the price for the 19th card and folder was £36.

The series consists of 18 cards telling a story involving Dredd, Anderson, the Dark Judges and Mean Machine. It was written by John Wagner and drawn by Kev Walker. Along with the phonecards that only depicted the art, you also received an A4 folding card of the same art but with the story shown across the picture. There was also a 19th card, that came with an A5 folder that you could attatch the cards to, as if!
This was a limited run of 1000 worldwide and I thought it was good value and the artwork was by an artist that I liked, so I was quids in all round.

Soon after the first card arrived the adverts started to hit magazines and the like, showing what the full set was going to look like, including card 19.

Here is a slide show of the actual story from the A5 cards. Seeing as the cards are all framed I can't really show close ups of those but the A5 cards are the same and at least you'll be able to read the unreleased story.

This is the full set that I had framed including the 19th card and a metalic plate describing the series. I had to employ Sam to hold it steady in the garden while I took the picture, you can see how happy he is!


  1. Great article John, I remember how excited I was when these came out. I was fairly young and had to get then sent to my girlfriend's house 'cos my Mam would have killed me for spending all my pocket money on them!

    Kev Walker did some great work on these, I adore card no 19.

  2. I agree with card 19 Pete, the artwork is superb and the detail on the A3 folder is stunning, due to the clarity.
    I still need to get the second set framed but because of you I'm getting all this artwork now, lol.

  3. Hmmm that's a spicy meatball indeed - I take it you used all those telecom minutes loaded onto the cards?

  4. Yep the 1st series was excellent, although I've only managed to get about half of the 2nd set for some reason. Damn I need more time to look at ebay!

  5. The second set went up in price halfway through the release!


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