22 October 2010

Children's Dredd Mask

This is another ebay find, which I bought from an American seller a few years ago. Once again I had never heard of the item and it was only with my constant searching that I stumbled upon it. Also since buying it I have only seen one more available to buy online.

I feel that this is the sort of item that a few people would buy just for the laughs. I mean £200+ is out of most people's price range for a helmet (the cost of the Termight one), so something like this would quench most fans thirst. I think mine was £15 and that included P&P, which isn't too bad.

Just for display purposes I have placed it on the glass head that we have in the bathroom (my beret normally resides upon this). Sadly it's the movie version but it's better than nothing and it came out with (sarcasm mode enabled) all those other movie goodies. It does have a crease just under the left eye and down towards the nose, strangely the other mask I saw also had a crease in the same place. Who knows, it might be from a defective supply!

It was attatched to a display card by two bits of plastic but after some careful moves I managed to take that off without any damage.

On the reverse it has simple instructions, how to care for the mask and production notes.

Here is the mask from all angles.

Now if only Tharg would produce something like this, then there would be a lot of happy kids and parents! I could just see a range of Judge masks from around the world, or even all the ABC Warriors!!!


  1. Man, that's so bad it's good! You're spot on though John, I wish there was more quirky merchandise from the House of Tharg.

    Cracking post there fella!

  2. I would have that Dredd Badge keyring in a second if Tharg would make them. Hasn't he got some sort of Betelgeusian machine from the future to make this stuff? An idea for Termight Replicas?


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