29 October 2010

Egmont Badges & Keyrings

When that film came out in 95 a few items hit the shelves, admittedly these shelves seemed to be well hidden from mortal eyes. Luckily for me I stumbled across these badges & keyrings when I was in Brighton. Now before you ask, they where not in the comic shops in the town but in one of the shops that seem to sell a wide range of items (the shops up Sydney Street).

I looked at the display which also had Batman & Superman equivalents and found 11 out of the 12 that would make the Dredd set. Obviously I bought them all and that my fellow fans was in 1995. It has taken me all this time to get my hands on the missing one, this happened last week on ebay. This is the Dredd badge keyring, so I can now rest easy!

The badges come on a piece of black plastic that helps them to be easily displayed in the shop (I have now bought similar displays for these that also hold the blister packs of miniatures). They are made of metal and they seem to have the black details painted on, as parts have started to crack and flake. Both sets are the same size as each other as well. Also on the back it mentions The Egmont Foundation, the year and that they were made in England.

Lets start off with the badges -

Now for the keyrings and we'll start with the one that has taken 15 years to find.

Oh! before I get told off, just so you can get an idea of their size, here is a picture with two items next to a 50p.

Look forward to next weeks item or items!

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