19 August 2011

Dredd/Dark Judges statue

I picked this up from ebay ebay quite a few years ago and it just sat in my collection for years, as I could never paint such a thing (the unpainted one is at the bottom of this post). Then one day ebay (again) had a fully painted one up for sale and I managed to buy it for the opening bid, which was about the same price I paid for the unpainted one years earlier. I think it was around the £50 mark but can't really remember.

This is one of the few models that I actually have on display in the rooms above ground level. It's not the greatest item but it has a certain something that I like. I suppose it's the quirkiness and the way Dredd towers above the 4 Dark Judges. Also the paint job is excellent in it's own right. By the way, it stands just shy of 1 foot tall.

Did you see the Chopper tag on the rear?

Now for a few close ups of the characters and the Book of Law.

Just to finish off, here is the unpainted version and it also shows the model as it comes, in two parts!


  1. Do you accept submissions, or is it just your own collection? I have a unique JD item I'd like to share with people.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    If you let me know what it is then I can tell you if I have it. If I haven't then I can put it in the 'Ones that got away'



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