5 August 2011

Spugs - Comic Version

These came out when the Stallone film hit the screens. It's an American craze, from what I gather but they managed to send a few of them over here! Above is the wallet and below a close up of the words on the back of it.

There are two collections from CMA, this one and the Movie one. They are stored inside the wallet 8 to a page, like below!

This set comprises of 50 base cards, a wallet and an unknown (but possibly 50) number of alternate cards, which have the Dredd badge embossed onto them with a gold effect. It was extremely hard to get the few alternate cards that I did, so I didn't bother with that never ending mission

Here are the five alternate cards that I managed to acquire!

This is what the back of each spug has printed on it, obviously they have different numbers!

Not a bad little collection overall, especially as all the pictures are taken from some of the best Dredd artists work that has graced the pages of the prog! I'm sure many of you will be able to figure out who they all are, quite easily!


  1. I expected to hate these but you're right - the art's great.


  2. The Movie set is the one you will hate, although it does show a few concept art pieces from the film but they are too small to appreciate!


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