7 August 2012

2000 AD Extremely Rare Variant Cover

You all know the Day of Chaos storyline and how those stinking Sovs, yet again attacked Mega-City One. The aftermath has thrown the city into anarchy, as the Judges try to regain control of a much smaller and more manageable area of city sectors.

During this time the city needs as many Judges on the streets as is possible and so the Chief Judge has ordered that clone judges from certain bloodlines 'must' be fast tracked from cadet to Street Judge, with immediate effect!

There is one stipulation, by order of Dredd! They must be passed by one of their bloodline, as this will be the toughest test of all, especially as the city is in freefall.

This story deals with how grizzled veteran Judge Burdis takes one of his clones onto the streets for the hardest day in this cadet's life.

Forget what you have read before from the streets of the Big Meg, this is judging at its best. Cadet Burdis must prove himself over a 24 hour period, while the city is overrun by Sov agents, rogue City-Def units, street gangs and all manner of perps!

Will this by-the-book, fresh faced Burdis be able to handle the streets under the steely gaze of his mentor, or will he succumb to the horrors of this new Mega-City One before the day is over!

Read this gripping, ultra violent 10 part series, coming to the pages of 2000 AD soon!

Here is that extremely rare cover!

I'm sure by now that you know this is all a joke!

I would like to thank Steven Sterlacchini of Judge Minty fame for doing all the hard work in this cover


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