21 March 2013

ZARJAZ Postcards - Limited Editions


From the creative team behind the two 2000AD fanzines - Dogbreath and Zarjaz, we have the latest 2000AD related merchandise!

Dave Evans has come up with 5 stunning postcards that depict various covers from the Futurequake publication ZARJAZ, .drawn by Dave Kendall, PJ Holden, Steve DentonClint Langley, Alex Ronald and Nigel Dobbyn.
You can buy them from their official site over HERE! which gives you the chance to buy them individually, or as a set. Obviously you'll need to buy them all, so why not save yourself a quid and do that!

They sell for £1 each or £4 for the 5 card set plus 70p P&P.
These are a limited run of 100 and each are individually numbered and once they are gone, they are gone!

If you want to enlarge the pictures just click on them!

 Slaine by Dave Kendall

Rogue Trooper by PJ Holden & Steve Denton

ABC Warriors by Clint Langley

Judge Dredd by Alex Ronald

Sam Slade by Nigel Dobbyn

As an extra incentive for the fans Dave has said the following on the 2000AD forum - further sets 'may' happen, but not very often. These are not products I can make anything on (hence the pretty good price IMO) so they are more of a 'cool' thing than anything else. That being said if folks wanted to start a vote on what cards they would like to see from the range of covers from Zarjaz and Dogbreath...

Okay, now you've seen them log into their site and buy them!

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