26 October 2012

Judge Minty Figurine and No Law for 2000 Miles sign!

Yes folks, it really is a miniature cast for the lead actor of the upcoming Judge Minty Fan Film, Edmund Dehn. This will be a wonderful addition to any collector of 2000 AD miniatures out there. Hang on a second, what am I saying! If you like any type of model then this is for you. I'm expecting people who play RPG's to want this, alongside crew members of Judge Minty and friends of Edmund. In fact why not just drokkin' well get one for yourself NOW!
How do you do this, well this is the best part, as you are going to be altruistic, which always helps!
Just follow the links below to make a donation to one of two worthy charities, or you could even donate to both. It really is that simple and if you are allowed to make a GIFT AID donation then drokkin' well do it. It costs nothing but adds extra money to your donation for NOTHING, which can't be bad!
It really is as simple as donating via one of those charities and following the really simple instructions, drokk, you can even pay via paypal!
All that is required is a minimum of at least £15 for one of the figures. I expect most serious collectors will put in at least £30 to get one of each type. What do you mean, one of each type, I hear you cry! Well you can go for the basic metal figurine, or you could go for the Trollcast version('Trollcast' is a revolutionary plastic/resin hybrid). Then again, why not buy both, as you know you'll want to!
All you have to do after giving your money is send an email to charitymini@gmail.com and include the following pieces of information:-
Just Giving receipt reference number
How many you would like and please specify which type!
So as you can see, both are worthy causes and you get something out of it as well as a warm glow, what is not to like!
Here is another picture of Edmund just to close the deal.
As an extra incentive there has been something extra added!
If you donate a minimum of £25 or more, you will additionally get a project-exclusive resin display base for their miniature.
It doesn't stop there, if you donate £35 or more, you will additionally get a miniature version of the Judge Minty sign. Yes the sign that is resident in the Cellar of Dredd.
Now I hear you saying but what do I do, I've already donated a certain amount. Fear not fellow collectors. All you have to do is top up your donation, the same way you have already donated. Then when you send the email just inform Jon what you have done.!
By the way, here's what the original sign looks like!


  1. Hi I've been reading your blog for a while now and loving it, as I grew up with a beano in one hand and 2000ad in the other. Sorry for this being unrelated but I didn't know how else to contact you that gave me enough space to say this; I've just finished building a lifesize replica of the lawmaster for a uni project and I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a photoshoot for my portfolio in full judge gear. I wouldn't be able to pay unfortunately as I am a student and therefore, poor as anything but I would be able to give you a few glossy prints and the whole shoot on disc. I live really near by to you as I found out about the cellar at my local comic store in maidstone so it wouldn't be a crazy journey. hit me back at benkemsley@live.co.uk if you're interested.



    p,s can't wait to see Judge Minty, the trailer looks awesome, and the figure looks worth it, might have to invest in one of those suckers when I have a bit of cash.

    1. Hi Ben,
      I've emailed a reply about sorting this out!

  2. Afternoon John,

    I'm having a clear-out at home of annuals, books and comcis including a lot of 2000AD and Judge Dredd related stuff. Could you give me an idea of the best place to advertise it please? I can provide a list to anyone who may be interested. I have placed advert with my local comic shop though I've yet to have a response. Ideally I'm looking for a fair price for the items, although ultimately I've had my enjoyment from the items and I'd simply like them to go to a good home. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me and congrats on a great site and vids. All the best, Cris (crisramis@tiscali.co.uk)

    1. Hi Cris,Your best bet is to pop a list up in the classifieds on teh 2000ADonline forum. Those are your potential buyers.
      Good luck!


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