13 October 2012

DREDD Original Film Soundtrack


It has nearly killed me waiting for this beauty to arrive! I know I could have bought the download but I prefer to have a physical copy of things that I pay for. Also you can look at the artwork/sleeve and upload to any device you want in your own time, if you so wish!

I pre-ordered this from Play.com for £9.99 and it's blasting out the stereo as I'm typing this (track 5 Anderson's Theme to be precise). Anyway, here are all the pics from the contents of the cd.
First up the booklet and I apologise, as for some reason the scanner has put some wavy colours across some of the photos!

The next two photos are from the box inlay at the rear. First you have the cityscape behind the disc and then on the rear, the actual track listings!

Finally, photos of what it actually looks like when you open the cd box!



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