8 January 2018

PSI badge - Costume version by Planet Replicas

This badge from Planet Replicas is what all members of PSI Division wear at Justice Department, in Mega-City One. It doesn't have the Judges name, rather it shows that they are a member of PSI Div.

This badge is for display but also for wearing as part of your Judge cosplay due to it being so light. You could just add a bit of velcro to the back and place it where your normal badge on your uniform goes and then you won't get as sweaty at conventions, as you don't need to wear your helmet.

You can grab one for £30 from Planet Replicas by clicking on the link HERE!

Now follows the obligatory pictures of the badge.
Just click on the first one for the slideshow to open.


  1. This is definitely lightweight: https://2000ad.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/disco-anderson-david-roach.jpg

    1. You are correct, that is rather lightweight!


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