12 January 2019

Strontium Dog badge by Planet Replicas

Strontium Dog is another one of 2000 AD's main characters and a fan favourite, since he arrived in Starlord. Don't tell me that you don't know about that comic, well best you go and try and read his stories from there then!

You also may or may not know that Planet Replicas were the prop makers for the two fan films, Judge Minty and also Search/Destroy. While the Strontium Dog fan film was being made, a few people were hoping that merchandise would be forthcoming from that character and this badge is the first official item.

You can watch Judge Minty HERE! 

You can watch Search/Destroy HERE!

This badge is another one from the House of Tharg range and looks absolutely gorgeous. What do you expect!

Now for the obligatory pictures. Don't forget, click on the first one and open the slideshow!

I wonder which characters badges they can come up with next!

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