7 January 2019

The 2000 AD Archive's Volume 1 & 2

In August 2002, 2000 AD published these two Archive books but then, there were no more! These were the precursor of the Case Files and were in black and white, which meant that the 4 colour pages, of each prog look quite strange. The reproduction is of varying qualities, as many pages are crisp and sharp but then, every so often a dull and faded page is included, which spoils the readers pleasure.

Here's a video of me looking at Vol 1 and you can see some of those pages below.

As for the size of the two books, they are slightly taller and thinner than the original progs but the strip is reprinted at the same size. As for the contents, it's as if the progs were stapled together in groups of ten, as all the adverts are included, along with posters and cutaways.

Don't forget to click on the first picture, to start a slideshow!

Just look at those paras shooting with rocket launcher/bazookas in Invasion!

Absolutely gorgeous art on Dan Dare, so out of this world, only killed by the lack of colour in this reprint but you can still see the weirdness of it all.

Tharg introduces Dredd for Prog 2 and asks for letters and art from the readers.

Comparing the covers!

Harlem Heroes cutaways and equipment.

Readers Aliens. I wonder if this lot still get the Prog and if they work in the industry now!

Tharg helps out with recruiting boy soldiers!

The Roll of Honour for the first 10 Progs!

So there you have it folks, the original Case Files!

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