18 August 2010

Restricted Files Vol 02 WINNER

At 20:00 in the 2000AD chatroom the winner was announced. Late in the day KevLev managed to get the correct answer in but sadly for him it was all in vain!

Anyway I digress, I wrote down the names of the seven potential winners onto pieces of paper, shuffled them and turned them over. I then asked the room to pick the numbers 1 to 7 in any order. CraveNoir picked 4, 2, 7, 5, 1, 6 & 3 and so I wrote them onto the backs of the paper in that order.

When 20:00 came I asked Lady Festina (as she was not in the competition) to pick any number between 1 and 7 to see who would win and so after a tense build up she eventually came up with 5 (she did say she nearly went for 3). I then keyed the mike and asked my son, Samuel to turn over number 5 and call out the name on the reverse.

Shark it was, which was for The Legendary Shark and so our winner was known. After many boos and accusations that he had used mind control, the room accepted him as a worthy winner.

By the way the numbers were allocated thus :-
1 Emperor.
2 Iborl.
3 Buttonman.
4 KevLev.
5 Shark.
6 CraveNoir.
7 NoisyBlast

Finally I better say what was missing from each picture. There were 3 items missing from both pictures but one item was the killer and caught most people out (it was on my blog).
FutureQuake had the following missing.
Trading Card (sketch)
Dredd Bust
Wulf Heroclix
Cellar of Dredd had the following missing.
Candy Sweets
Tiny Dredd Head (on the front left corner of the RPG game box)
Front of Killdozer

I was going to show you a picture with all the items marked but that would be to easy, just look back for the one or two items that you missed and you will slap your forehead.

Lool forward to another competition in the future sometime!

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