4 February 2011

2000AD Space Quiz Book

This was bought at a small comic convention in London, many moons ago. All I remember about it is that I didn't pay the full price of 65p. It was published in 1980 by Mirror Books and was compiled by Roy Preston. The book is 130 pages long and has numerous headings for the questions, as they are set in groups and they are :-

Commencing Countdown - Earth, Moon and Sun - The Solar System - Stars - Space Race - Astronomers and Astronomy - Spot the Difference - Seen on the Small Screen - Seen on the Large Screen - Books and Authors - Comic Book Characters - Music - Out of this World - What, Who, When, Where and Why?

The questions are reasonably easy for an adult but I reckon most children would find quite a few extremely hard to answer!

Just in case you can't read those words, here is a close up!

I was going to write down a few questions but thought better of it, mainly as I would pick the hardest ones but then again everyone would cheat!


  1. I loved this book, learnt a lot of basic sf knowledge from it - it was the first place I heard of Quatermass, for example.

    1. Yeah, there is quite a lot of info inside and such a clever way to pass it onto the younger generation!


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