28 January 2011

Judge Hershey & Fergie Story Books

I bought these two books as soon as they hit the shelves in '95, strange that! They're both written by Richard Mead and published by Boxtree and cost £2.99. They contain 28 pages of the action from the Stallone film, sorry I was laughing when I wrote that last bit.
These are written for the younger market, the age of which I can only guess, as they don't put an age group on the cover! Also there are a few mistakes in each, which might show that they didn't really care that much in the production values of both books!

First up Hershey's Story this tells the story from her point of view and starts from the Block War but mysteriously forget's to mention the death of Judge Briscoe, in fact he doesn't get mentioned at all and neither does Fergie!
Anyway the story rapidly moves along with some more minor niggles and mistakes, including a picture from the very end where Dredd exits the Statue of Liberty put into the story at the time when the Judge Hunters arrest Dredd, sloppy!
I've enclosed a picture of one of the pages from the book, just so you can enjoy the action as well.

Page 11


Next up is fergie's version and this is told in third person, no idea why the books are different like that but at least they manage to both have numerous mistakes!
This one starts on the Aspen Shuttle heading towards Aspen! It all goes down hill from there, we have a picture on page 16 reversed, so that the eagle is on the wrong shoulder. It mentions that Dredd grabbed a uniform when entering the Hall of Justice, and not that he punched another Judge out and stole it. The gunning down of the Council of Five is also missed out.
Topping it all off is a picture of the ABC Robot on page 21 which shows one of the SFX crew stood behind it, dear God!
Here's a page of action for you to read!

Page 18

Overall they are okay for the younger reader but I think that if these were published today the youngsters would rip them apart because of all the mistakes. A little bit more thought should have gone into the production of these and they would have been perfect for the younger market!

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