7 January 2011

Prop Clip Board

I was bought this prop by my lovely wife, as part of a few Dredd items for my birthday/Valentines day presents (the dates are a week apart). There never seems to be anything worthwhile that comes up or the items are way over priced and thus many are still for sale now, which proves my point, GREED!

Anyway, this came from the memorabilia site Movie Bits and along with the prop itself I received a certificate of authenticity, stating what it was and when it was sold, February 2007. It's just as it says but the funny bit is that you can't hold any sheets on it due to the top piece being held onto the main piece with two pop rivets, movie magic!

You actually see this in the scenes where Dredd is talking to all the cadets and taking them through the Lawgiver but you have to look for it, which I did!

With a bit of luck there should be a flood of interesting stuff from the new Dredd film being made available to the fans this year. Then again, I'm sure all the prop stores will get in first and try and fleece us all.


  1. Aye, beware the middle man, and his ways...


  2. That's pretty cool. I don't much like the 90s movie logo but I reckon it looks great there.


    - Mike

  3. You are correct Mike, it's not a bad design for the Justice Eagle, pity they didn't do a set of them so you could stick them on stuff yourself!

    Paul, I'm still hopeful that quite a bit of stuff will be available after the new film is done and that should keep the prices down, I hope!


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