2 September 2011

30 Years of 2000AD Sketch Cards (NON 2000AD Artists)

Okay, now that you've seen the 2000AD artists sketch cards it's time for the artists who have nothing at all to do with Tharg's mighty organ and believe me, you'll be able to tell why! I just find it incomprehensible as to why they would have done this but they said it would bring people to the prog, which I found hard to believe at the time. I think these artists just do sketch cards from what my searching has uncovered, saying that I only searched a few names and then began to cry and gave up!

You will notice that there are different card designs in these, I think this was because when the sketch cards were handed out years ago, the company doing it was called Cards Inc. Many moons later another company took the idea over and that company was called Strictly ink and rather than let the initial sketch cards go to waste, they just added them to the series. Another reason that the set is so shoddy!

Credit where credit is due, I do like the Warren Martineck cards but the rest are........well I'll leave that to you lot to judge.


Don Pedicini

John Czop

Warren Martineck

Rick Molinelli

Omaha Perez

Tom Hodges

Jessica Hickman

Mark Dos Santos

Robert Hack

Sarah Lyon

Ryan Orosco

Andy Fry
(Greg Staples)

Gary Ochiltree

Nik Neocleous

Carolyn Edwards

Robert Aragon

Kevin Graham

Amy Pronovost

Chris Henderson



As you can see, it's a right old motley bunch of artists and the only reason that I have more than one from some is because they came in the boxes that I bought. I then had to search for the other 'artists' to complete my mission of one card from each.

You can see that I don't even know who did the last two cards but the signatures are different to any of the rest but who cares!

As a treat to help you recover from the above I shall now show you the backs of the sketch cards. The brown ones have five different designs but the blue has just the one.

I hope you enjoyed the backs of the cards and wonder like me, why they didn't just stick with 2000AD artists and give the set a more credible feel.


  1. Well, after all that build-up, I actually liked them! Yes, some of them are the usual lifts from others' work, but some are pleasing to the eye. And I love Robert Hack's Dredd- looks straight out of some bizarre back-up strip in an unknown late 70s Dan Dare annual, where Dredd is forced to go on holiday to Venus after all the five other judges of Mega City One club together and buy him a ticket for his birthday. Once there, he fights a robot polar bear disguised as a man selling t-shirts, or something. B

    Blog continues to be excellent, John- keep chugging away.

  2. The main problem with them is that this is a 2000AD official card set and to have these in ruined it before the off. These artists have absolutely nothing to do with the prog and many people mentioned this before they came out!

    I'm a big lover of up and coming artists coming through the ranks to draw for 2000AD but these are all just sketch card artists from what I could gather.


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