23 September 2011

Judge Dredd Movie Marketing Folder

This Marketing Folder was an anniversary present off the wife, she bought it from the Prop Store. Although it was called The Prop Store of London at the time. The folder is A4 in size and full with information about the character and film. The back cover looks exactly the same as the front, with the same logo being used on the spine as well.

The first two pages of the folder give a bit of background info and a brief synopsis of the film.

I've enclosed quite a few pics from inside but by no means all of them, otherwise you'd become bored.

The actual section headings are :-
Judge Dredd
Judge Hershey
Mean & Dangerous

Dredd Hardware
Essential Credentials
Signs of the Times
Law & Orders

You may have noticed that many of these pictures were used in the Sugar Puffs promotion, along with certain headings! I suppose they used this stuff seeing as it is the Marketing Folder!

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