16 September 2011

CITADEL miniatures

These miniatures are probably the ones most people have got, there have been more from other firms since and there might have been some before but these are the main ones. They were produced to coincide with the Role Playing Games for Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper which you can always manage to buy from the ever so helpful ebay.

I have managed to get my hands on an original advert/flyer which actually lists and shows every figure, so for your pleasure I shall list them in order, with their pictures and with their original price. But first here is the internal spread of the flyer showing all the miniatures.

JD1 Judge Dredd £1.95
       Dredd on Lawmaster

JD3 Angel Gang 3 for £1.95
       Pa, Mean Machine, Junior, Fink, Link & Judge Child 

 JD3 Perps 3 for £1.95
       Dead, Citizen, Bellamy, Dib, Mr Fields, Kelv, Citizen, Ratex, Don Helmut, Zodiac, Lepuka, Pepe, Mad Jack, Captain Ravioli, Solo, Chimichunga, Jackson Prince, Judge Pike, Theobald Wen, Lambreta, Belcharo, Fettuchini, Squid, Wrecker Advancing, Bonehead McGraw, City Def Attacking, Citi-Def with Spug Gun, Wrecker, Citi-Deff Machine Gun, Milda Dreep, Morgar, Brother Obee, Kneepad Jones, Shojan, Security, Scrawler, Fuzz Gun, Mad Ma Mahaffy, One Eye Schumaen, Wrecker Charging, City Def, Skink, Joe Bananas, Don Uggie Apelino, Fast Eeek, Ramperpo, Spugg Slatt, Chapman Pincher, Flinn Shaver, Chester Zermal, Blaster Bellamy, Lorien Speck, Rizlo Butty, Jason Basin, Monkey Face, Brother Gomorrah, Spit Gun Suzi, Gestapo Bob Harris, Zuggy Spotz, Mutie with Bazooka, Jobee, Mutie with Gun, Two Heads, Mutie, Three Eyes, Perpolit & Rhode Island Red 

JD3 Fatties 2 for £1.95
       Fatties x 5 pictured (Fatties supplied with randomly assorted head and right arm)

JD3 Uglies 3 for £1.95
       Uglies x 3 pictured (supplied as randomly assorted head variants)

JD4 Judges 3 for £1.95
       Giant, Patton, Reed, Gallagher, Bambra, Hershey, Brit Cit Judge, Riot Judge with Riot Foam, Riot Judge with Stum Grenade & Riot Judge with Stum Gun

JD5 Kleggs, Alien Mercenaries 2 for £1.95

JD6 Judges Fear, Fire & Mortis 3 for £1.95
       Fear, Fire & Mortis

JD7 Judge Death (with Dredd & Anderson) 3 for £1.95
       Death, Dredd & Anderson

JD8 Judge Cal & Henchmen 3 for £1.95
       Judge Cal, SJS Judge, Judge Slocum, Judge Quincy, Judge Glass, SJS with Rifle & SJS Judge with Nightstick

JD10 & 11 Rogue Trooper 4 for £1.95
          Rogue, Rogue with Helm, Rogue with Lazooka,Venus Bluegenes, Maj Magnum, Morgen, Traitor General & Nort

JD13 Sky Surfers 3 for £1.95
         Chopper, Cuba, Yogi, Bupa, Thrasher & Nicko

JD16 Judge & Lawmaster Bike £1.95 each
         Lawmaster Bike, Anderson, Hershey, Elliot & Merrett

JD17 Brit-Cit Judge £1.95 each
         Lawmaster Bike & Brit-Cit Judge

Strangely the flyer has certain numbers missing, no idea why but I have managed to get a hold of a few of those and they are shown below.

JD2 Judge Anderson £1.95 each

JD14 Strontium Dogs $4.50 each

JD15 Don Uggie & The Ape Gang £1.95 each

On the back of each blister pack is the following!

Lastly I managed to find an advert for more miniatures somewhere in my collection, for the Slaughter Margin Game Supplement. I do have numerous figures from the series fully painted (seen in one of the blogs) but this is just an occasional ongoing work for me to try and find unopened packets, as it's very unlikely that there are many left out there!


  1. £1.95 for 3? Oh to have a time machine!

    1. I've thought that many a time, especially with the original artwork :'(

  2. I, too, am a collector of JD RPG minis (check out my postings on BoardGameGeek.com as smilie23).
    There are still a few holes in my collection and I have a few spares. Do you have any 'swaps' you'd be willing to trade?

    1. Hi Ian, I've just this second checked the cellar and I'm afraid that that there are no doubles.
      I even double checked where there are multiples of the same number but they have different figures in them.
      Sorry but I hope you manage to find your elusive figures.

  3. Thanks for looking :-(
    BTW your list is not complete (as I expect you already know) -- fr'instance, where are the earlier Judge Dredds? And not all the Fatties or Uglies are shown. Fortunately the wunnerful people at www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com have collected all of them in one place with some nice pics.
    If anyone else out there is collectiing JD figures and wants to trade or sell to me, pls get in contact.


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