20 July 2012

Blackblood - ABC Warrior

Blackblood is one of the 7 ABC Warriors and as it says on wiki

Blackblood is a former Volgan war robot forcibly recruited into the Warriors. A master tactician and interrogator, his skills also extend to treachery and betrayal, two things at which he is highly adept. He dislikes Hammerstein intensely, but this is nothing compared to his hatred of Joe Pineapples - the robot responsible for his capture.

I have finally managed to get my hands on a model of him (sadly this is not official merchandise but my hunger needs feeding) and it looks superb. Again, I asked another person to build and paint it, seeing as I can't do such things. Well, I could but it would be substandard and that's putting it politely!

This week I collected it (along with Joe Pineapples, as you will see in another post) and it is now on display in the Cellar. It's made of white resin, came in 12 parts and it stands just under 11". I've included a pic with the 50p (first picture) just to show the scale.


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