2 July 2012

Dark Judges T-Shirts (limited edition)

If you didn't manage to buy these beauties from the 2000 AD shop then it seems that you have missed your chance. These were 3 limited edition T-Shirts of Judge Fear, Fire and Mortis. You could buy them individually for £12.98 or as the set for £30 plus p&p (no point telling you that seeing as they are gone!) The artwork is by Henry Flint and is very eye catching, stark, white images of the three judges on a black T-Shirt!

Here they are being worn by me followed by three close ups of the images. I have no idea why the Mortis one is pulled round to the left slightly but I will blame the wife as she took the pics and didn't tell me. Plus I couldn't be arsed doing another pic as the heavens opened up after these were taken!

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  1. this are awesome! too bad i think its too late to get some...


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