20 July 2012

Joe Pineapples - ABC Warriors

Joe Pineapples is one of the 7 ABC Warriors and as it says on wiki

Joe was built as an assassin, a former member of the elite X-Terminators (he was fired for an unspecified incident involving an officer's wife), and is a sniper without equal. Joe has rebuilt himself many times to give himself new looks over the years, but one thing that has been consistent is his narcissism - the one thing he truly loves in the universe is himself. With an outward image of ice cold professionalism and a habit of seducing women, he has a secret fetish for wearing women's underwear.

Again, this is not official merchandise but when needs must! The image itself is taken from a Simon Bisley picture and any web search will throw this up instantly.

This is made from white resin and comes in 12 parts and it stands just under 12". I've included a pic with the 50p (first picture) just to show the scale.



  1. Your Joe is not as cool as my pink knickers Joe!

  2. Man I used to copy and draw this image over and over as a kid. Your sculpture is amazing!!


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