26 May 2016

Carlos Ezquerra Dredd badge by Planet Replicas

Carlos Ezquerra is the man who designed the actual look of Judge Dredd for 2000 AD and from his design many artists have added their own flourishes to the Dredd uniform over the years. I'm sure that you may already have a badge or two from Planet Replicas and who knows, even a personalised one, as you just can't help but need that one in your life.

Now the time has come for King Carlos to have his badge immortalised from the pages of the Prog and my Grud, Dan at Planet Replicas has come up with the goods again and then some!

This badge looks absolutely stunning and the amount of detail on it, with the sharp lines and finish just shows it off in all its glory. If you think the front looks pretty special, then wait till you see the back. I particularly like the raised Carlos signature, a lovely little touch.

If you want one of these, then follow the link below to Planet Replicas and buy one now, as who knows, they may have to do a second run of them.


Now for a selection of photos for you to enjoy. Don't forget, click on the first one to start a slideshow!

Another excellent addition to Planet Replicas Artists Collection, I'm sure you'll agree!

I wonder who's badge will be replicated next!?!

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