4 May 2016

Lawmaster & Dredd Previews Exclusive from Mezco

We've already seen the highly detailed Dredd figures that Mezco have brought us and now it's turn for the Lawmaster. This is Dredd's mode of rapid transport around the city and Cursed Earth. Heavily armoured and with an amazing array of deadly firepower, this is the beast on the streets.

This version is the modern version from the pages of 2000 AD and this is Ben Willsher's version of that, as everyone has a slightly different take on the design. I must say congratulations to Mezco for including one of the actual Dredd artists on the build of the bike and also the figure.

I received my box of goodness from my local comic shop in town, The Grinning Demon and rushed home to play with it, like you do.

Sadly when I got home I found that the lights and sounds didn't work but as you will see, further down the blog, there's another video showing the working one that arrived one week later.

Now for the obligatory picture show and remember to click on the first one to enlarge it and then just scroll through them for the details. The first lot are of the boxes, which you will have seen in the first video and how the contents are packed.

Now for the video of the lights and sounds in action.

Here are the close up pics of the bike and I haven't added any with the lights on, as you see them to good effect in the video.!

And here's where the batteries go!

I'm sure you will agree that Mezco have done an awesome job on this and obviously Dredd and it's a good job Ben was on board for the design work. The added wear and tear all over the bike really add to the authentic look to it as well.
I've waited all my life for a Lawmaster toy from the pages of 2000 AD and this has hit the sweet spot, as it seems that we have finally hit a golden age in merchandise, with a few dedicated companies knowing what the fans want.


  1. That truly is drokking fantastic!

    1. It's pretty impressive. I never thought I would see the day when this item in Dredd's arsenal would be made.


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