15 May 2016

The Mysterious Dredd Vs Alien Statue!

Around 2008 First 4 Figures revealed this Dredd Vs Alien statue, which lit up and then it vanished without all trace. I did email them a while later and they mentioned something about distribution (which it says on the images is by Sideshow Collectibles) but I honestly cant remember the finer details. Basically, it never hit the streets, even with all the work that the company put into it.

I'm posting this statue up to show people what might have been and in the vain hope that the company can actually get these out to the fans, that's if they actually made the 1000 pieces.

We've had a Dredd Alien crossover before and there's a new one heading our way soon, from Dark Horse, 2000 AD and IDW. So what better time to try and find out what went wrong and remedy it.

This all came from the Judge Dredd Vs Aliens - Incubus story by John Wagner & Andy Diggle, with superb art by Henry Flint. The cover from the graphic novel is shown below, alongside the image which was used as the base for the statue, which was the opening image inside that very graphic novel.

All I have are the following pictures and the one bit of info taken from the First 4 Figures site.

Remember to click on the picture to enlarge them!

Let us hope that with a bit of pushing by fans that this will actually become a reality!

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