18 September 2017

Jock Dredd badge by Planet Replicas

Jock is one of the best loved artists who has graced the pages of 2000 AD. Mainly known for his Judge Dredd work but he also worked on Tor Cyan and Lenny Zero before he was taken from our pages, across the pond, to work on iconic characters for DC, Marvel and Vertigo. Our loss but it's great for him, as his art is being seen by many more people, who can then become fans of his.

Before the Karl Urban Dredd film hit the screens, he had done a few images of a movie style Dredd. These were posted online, which then got out of hand, with people saying that the images were actual ones for the film production. Long story short, these images then got him the job working on the film. Sometimes life really does move in mysterious ways!

This is the second badge in the Planet Replicas 'Artists Collection' and an excellent choice to follow Carlos Ezquerra. The badge is unmistakable but the angles are different, it's more squashed, with no stars at the top, which gives it it's distinctive Jock style.

Here's a link for you to head over to Planet Replicas website and order your own, unless it's sold out and then you'll have to pester them for another run.


As you will see from the photos below, this comes in a presentation box, with a velvet pouch and a display stand, so you can add it to your other badges.

Don't forget to click on the first picture to start the slideshow.

That's number two in the series sorted, who will be the third artist to join this fantastic series!

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