3 October 2017

Judge Death badge by Planet Replicas

A while ago Planet Replicas started producing badges and obviously the first badge out had to be, DREDD! Who could possibly be up next, there was only one name really after Old Stoney Face..............JUDGE DEATH!

This is a lightweight badge (I have no idea what it's made from) and as per the norm with Planet Replicas, it looks spot on.

At the time of posting this up, it is still available from their web shop. If you leave it too late to buy one, then you may risk missing out, which has happened with other badges in the past!

Here's the link to their site, so you can buy your own PLANET REPLICAS SHOP

As always, here's a stack of pictures to show you the badge in all its glory, or should that say gory. Don't forget, click on the first picture to start the slideshow!

Now go and buy one yourself!

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