1 November 2017

The Karl Urban Dredd statue by PCS Toys

In March of 2016, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles placed the fourth statue, from their Dredd line, up for pre-order. You could go for the movie style or the unbelievably ridiculous hybrid of the comic/movie style.

Both statues cost $439.99 and were 1/4 scale

Here's the link for the one I went for DREDD and as you can see, you get two interchangeable heads and right arms.

You could pay for the statue in a couple of ways. Firstly you could pay it off in installments and pay the full $439.99. Secondly, you could pay for it on the spot and get a percentage off. This is the route I went and so paid 'only' $395.99, which at the time was £285.34. Now all I had to do was sit back and wait.

Over the next 18 months a few pictures were released over their instagram account of the build.

As you can see, if you followed their feed, the progress was posted every so often. Then out of the blue, the people who had bought this statue, started to receive invoices for the postage and packaging, which was the first indication that they were on the way.

The invoice was $123.26, which at the time was £94.95 and this came at the end of September 2017.

Then the good old customs withheld the drokkin' thing! Now I don't mind paying customs but I do resent the handling charge and the total for this was £30.53. As you can see, it all starts to add up and this wasn't anywhere near the most expensive in their Dredd range, which was Dredd sat astride his Lawmaster.

Eventually mine turned up but not before a mate had received his and a few parts were broken. Let's just say, I was slightly apprehensive opening mine up to see if it was okay. Talking of which, here's the video of that event. Once you've watched it, have a look at the pictures below for finer details of the figure.

Don't forget to click on the first picture to start the slideshow.

Just to finish this off, here's the comic painted version of this. I know, why bother!

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