10 September 2010

Beanie Hats

The very practical beanie hat, as worn by all true friends of Tharg and amazingly this was another buy at a Dreddcon! Not very expensive at the time, I think they were around the £6 mark but don't quote me on that. I bought the set (obviously) and a couple of spare 2000AD ones. One has been given away to my father-in-law for a trip to Iceland (his trip, not mine) and the other is a spare which I have worn when the snow has came down in town and it looks rather fetching. In this set of five hats we have the following :- 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Mean Machine, Strontium Dog & Rogue Trooper (well Helm's Bio-chip).


And just to prove that the 2000AD one does look rather smart, here's a picture of Sam and me in the snow!
Before you ask, no Sam hasn't got one as I think I bought these before he was born, well that's the excuse I'm sticking with. Then again if the 2000AD Shop ever brings some more out I'll get him one!
If they did decide to bring out some more we could have some new ones added to the range, how about Dante's weapons crest, PSI badge, ABC Warriors logo, Judge Death badge, etc...
Come on Tharg!


  1. I had the Rogue and Mean ones - and managed to lost them both! Would happily buy them again if they were put back on sale.

  2. I reckon these would sell extremely well in the shop, if only Tharg would get off his arse and produce some more.
    After all, it is free advertising!


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