17 September 2010

Wheel Trims from the Land Rover Taxi's

Yes that is real and it shows that I will buy anything, if I see it that is! There I was on ebay doing my 3 times daily search of the planet, for all things Dredd related. I have actually eased back now and it's now dropped down to a full search every other day!

I saw the items for sale in Compton, down the A3 just past Guildford and put my bid in, which was the winning bid. It was stupidly small, about a tenner or something for both of them! I took Sam along in the car to collect them and whilst loading the car the bloke told me that he has a friend who has the front of one of the landrovers in his garage. Damn way too big! Anyway I just managed to squeeze these buggers into the car once the rear seats went down.

You will all be thinking 'he only bought one and used both pics', well here is Sam holding them both up. This was taken a few years ago and since then they have the Land Rover emblem placed back in the centre. I would take a picture but they are both in the attic, out of the way.
By the way, Carolyn was mightily impressed with this purchase!

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