3 September 2010

Stallone Deform

This is another buy from the model mags around the time the film came out. At the time I was actually buying a few mags each month so that I could really put some time and effort into finding anything Dredd related and it paid off a few times, this is one of them.

As with quite a few of my models it is untouched (wait till you see my effort on the comic deforms and that was not when I gave up, Oh no, that is a story in itself, I still feel sad about this specific incident now but that's for a future blog!!!!) and I didn't even bother to stick the arms on!

The Dredd itself stands 11cm x 6cm and the base measures 10cm x 7cm x 1cm. It's quite solid and very stable standing on it's base and I feel the detail on the figure is quite good but the arms and Lawgiver probably need a bit of work on. I did see a picture of a Stallone and Fergie deforms on the flying Lawmaster in one of the mags but that seemed to never appear anywhere, sadly! I wonder if you could have cut Fergie off the bike!!!

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