24 September 2010

Dredd/Predator statue

This statue was another ebay purchase from a while back. It's made of resin and taken from the artwork of Brian Bolland and his take on a Predator in Dredd's uniform (which seems to be a mix of the movie and comic uniform). It's from the cover of part 1, of the 3 part mini series pictured below.

The unpainted version appeared first on ebay, available from the Far East and I bought it straight away (these are still on ebay now and sell between £20 & £30 normally). I soon realised that I would never paint it, so just waited for a painted one to crop up and one did, eventually! The unpainted one has the retractable blades from the right hand with it but sadly the painted one doesn't (I can live with this because I just imagine that he hasn't extended the blades yet).

The painted statue looks quite stunning (no idea who painted this, as the seller didn't know) and it just adds to my enjoyment, as I look at all the work that has gone into it! By the way, it stands 22cms tall.

Well just to show you how well the finished statue looks, here is a sequence of pictures that show the figure from all sides!

All in all this quite a nice statue, which I presume is another independantly made item, as I've never seen any info saying that it's an official piece (I could be wrong though). I hope that when the new Dredd film hits the screens, we finally get a decent range of statues hitting the shops and at affordable prices, as I'm sick of walking into my comic shop and seeing all the products adorning the walls and shelves and not from just the big 2. So come on Rebellion, lets see some new stuff!

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