22 April 2011

Class of '79 (2000AD Fanzine)

This 2000AD fanzine was the brainchild of Judge Logan AKA Stewart Perkins, plus numerous other 2000AD fans. It came out in the late 90's with all black & white artwork and in the A4 format. Sadly it only lasted for two issues but if you want to see some unpublished strips then click here.

This was the forerunner of Zarjaz but not Dogbreath, as it came out around the same time as the Strontium Dog fanzine. Both of these are the current 2000AD fanzines published by FutureQuake Press (more of which in a future post).

Looking back through these you soon notice very familiar names from The House of Tharg, including - Rufus, John Hicklenton, Henry Flint, PJ Holden, etc...

This had the following contents -

Page 1  Editorial
Page 2  'Courtroom'
Page 6  Mike McMahon interview
Page 10 Classic McMahon covers
Page 11 2000AD submission guidelines
Page 13 'Deaths in Mega City 1'
Page 15 John Hicklenton Pin-up
Page 17 'Harry Heston'
Page 23 'Pasternak'
Page 26 Incoming
Page 27 'My Hero'

John Hicklenton Pin-up

First page of 'My Hero' by Rufus

This had the following contents -

Page 1  Editorial
Page 2  Undercover Blue
Page 5  Hershey Pin-up
Page 6  Pasternek - Night Atches
Page 8  Harry Heston
Page 13 Tough Talking
Page 14 Mean Machine Pin-up
Page 15 Deathwish
Page 20 alt,comics.2000ad
Page 22 Comics '99
Page 23 The Stopping Of Pelams 1/23
Page 28 Incoming
Page 29 Die Laughing
Page 31 PSI

First page of part 2 of the 'Harry Heston' strip by
 Henry Flint/Jake Lynch/Gary Simpson

A panel from 'Undercover Blue' by P.J. Holden

I'm sure you'll agree that this was an excellent fanzine (just look at who was involved) and one that has paved the way for numerous others to follow since it appeared. One interesting piece of news of late, Stewart is thinking of bringing this back from the Thrill Power Containment Safe that it resides in.

EDIT: As you may know, the lovely Stewart passed away a couple of years ago but his Harry Heston character has lived on, as Tharg had him published by Rebellion in Megazine #376 This was welcomed by fans, friends and family alike, as the character was such an interesting one in the world of Dredd. Long may Harry continue and with him, the memory of Stewart Perkins

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  1. Hello John. This isn't merch, but as a collector of all things Dredd I think your collection would be sorely lacking without a copy of this record...
    It's track 14 you need. The blog has a link to a D/L of the entire album. I've used this D/L and it's safe.


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