15 April 2011


This was one of the few good items that came out when the Stallone film hit the screens in '95. S.D. Studios had the official licence to make the Lawgiver plus a  rather excellent set of badges, that included the belt buckle, flat name badge and a 3D name badge (more of those in another post).

I only managed to get my hands on this a few years ago, from a seller in the US through ebay and was extremely happy that I won it with the opening bid of £300. Luckily for me I didn't get stung at customs, unlike with the badges!

There isn't much else to say really, so here are the pics with a couple of close ups. One of the etched eagle on the right side and another of the S.D. Studios/Edgmont/Cinergi engraving on the base of the mag.


  1. If you are willing to sell this. I've been looking everywhere. Please contact me.


  2. Sorry Ric,
    All my stuff in the cellar is there for life, until my son gets it and sells it all.


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