1 April 2011

Judge Dredd Sunglasses

Come the summer months who wouldn't want to wear a pair of Judge Dredd sunglasses (produced by Dorda). Well as you can see from the pictures, both the pairs I have are unopened, as I would never wear them (well they are crap)!

Yet again these items came out with a whisper in 1995 and it would been by pure accident if you found even just one of them (along with the rest of the Dorda range) in the shops. Both glasses come on a carboard packet, sealed under a plastic cover. Each comes with a different angled Dredd head above the nose, along with a microphone and an official badge!
On the rear is a colour picture of Dredd superimposed over a page from 2000AD's past that shows Dredd fighting Orlok. All you fans will know the story so I'm not going to tell you what it was from!

Not one of the best items I'll agree and that's why I think these didn't get much of a promotion, saying that some of the Dorda wasn't too bad, as you will see in future posts!

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