15 March 2010

The Dredd and Death candles

These are items that I found by pure chance. Yet again there was nothing advertising these anywhere at all, so if I hadn't stumbled upon them I would never have known about them, simples.
I was with Carolyn in London many years ago and being the loving husband took her to Covent Garden, yawn! Anyway I followed her around as she flitted from one shop to another, bored out of my head. Sometimes I just waited patiently outside people watching (mostly the ladies) but for some unexplained reason I followed her into a candle shop in the lower area of Covent Garden itself.
As we entered she said to me "I don't know why you're coming in here. There won't be any Judge Dredd candles!" (I have just verified with Carolyn what she said and she agrees, those are her words)
Well, as soon as I stepped through the door my Dredd Radar made my head turn to the left and my eyes popped out on stalks. Two shelves stacked with Dredd candles on the top and Death candles on the one below. I quickly tapped Carolyn on the shoulder and pointed and she could not believe it as her eyes rolled back.
I left her to buy her stuff as I rummaged through all the candles to find the best ones of each character, once done I quickly paid for them and we left. I only wish I had bought the bloody lot!
Once home I put them on the mantlepiece for a few days, just to wind Carolyn up before I put them into storage, as this was before the Cellar of Dredd became a reality.
Anyway here are the two candles and as you can see they are not brilliant but they exist and I have them, that's all that matters (queue manic laughter).
By the way I won't give them name tags as I think you may guess who is who!

Keep an eye out for what I upload next as you never know what it may be. It could be something well known, something obscure or something I have had made!!!

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  1. Another belter John! 'Queue manic laugh' made me smile!


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