26 August 2020

Brian Bolland Dredd badge by Planet Replicas

Brian Bolland's Dredd badge is the fourth in the 'Artists Collection' line by Planet Replicas, after Carlos, Jock and McMahon.

This beauty came out in two versions. First up was the Gold plated Limited Edition run of 50, which was sold out in less than 25 minutes. Then they released the Metal version, which had a run of 100 and that sold out rather rapidly as well.

I went for the Metal one, as I prefer the finish and most of my previous buys are in this finish!

You can go to Planet Replicas site here and keep your eyes open, as you never know if they may do another run but as always, you need to get in fast on release day, as these are always in demand and you don't want to be one of those who misses out!

Don't forget to click on the first image to start the slideshow.

As far as I am conerned, you can't go wrong with the merchandise from Planet Replicas. The quality is top notch and they know what the fans would like!

9 May 2020

Sov Judge badge by Planet Replicas

Here is another of the World Judge badges from Planet Replicas and this time, it's one of those drokkin' Sovs. Judge Gogol and as per the norm, it's another well done bit of merchandise.

This one is made from resin and therefore can either be displayed, by using the supplied stand, or you can wear it with your cosplay uniform.

Not much else to say but if you want one, then head over here!

Now for the obligatory pictures and remember, open them up for a slideshow!

Stay tuned to see which badge comes next from Planet Replicas!

9 December 2019

Judge Fire badge by Planet Replicas

The Dark Judges badge collection is one step closer to being finished by Dan over at Planet Replicas.

Yes folks, JUDGE FIRE is upon us and it has a special surprise, when it gets dark!

At Thought Bubble this year he had about 10 of these ones for sale, with the promise of a full run in the new year some time! Don't rush him, great merchandise takes time!

Always keep checking the website for new merchandise, which you will find here PLANET REPLICAS SHOP

Anyway, there's not much else to say, so let's get on with the pictures...

This next picture shows the light which comes with the badge, this flickers when turned on and really adds to the whole feel of, which you will see below in a picture and especially the video.

And this is how it looks like with the flickering light placed behind!