22 October 2015

Judge Dredd figure from Mezco

At last, we have a Dredd action figure that is worthy of the character. Forget the minuscule amount of action figures that have gone before, this is it! Mezco have brought Judge Dredd into their ONE:12 series and what a start to what should be a pretty superb line. Most other characters are pretty simple in their design compared to Old Stony Face and Mezco have not skimped on the details on this figure, believe me!

At the moment there are three figures available:-

One:12 Collective - Judge Dredd
NYCC One:12 Collective - Judge Dredd Black and White Variant
Previews Exclusive One:12 Collective - Judge Dredd Cursed Earth Variant

There are also two Lawmaster sets heading our way, very soon.

If you want one, then just do a web search, as numerous places will have them but make sure you compare the prices and postage.

There won't be much writing, as the video tells you most of what you want to know and the pictures show the rest, especially the details.

First up, the short video. Now I filmed this in portrait, as if I did it in landscape, there would be two blank spaces either side of me anyway!


Now sit back and look at a few pictures. I won't be putting descriptions, as I think everyone will know what a boot looks like, or a side shot of Dredd.

Don't forget, click on the first picture and it will enlarge and then just scroll through them on screen.

All in all, this is a brilliant figure and shows what can be done when an artist from 2000 AD, who is a current Dredd one at that, is in on the design time. The artist in question is Ben Willsher and you can see his style written all over this beauty.