7 October 2009

Hi-Ex! Hell Trek 2010

Well times are great, as finally I'm off to this convention of the cons. After mentioning that I was going to fly up to Inverness next year on the Rowdy Yates chat room (This would involve me driving from Maidstone up to Stanstead via the tunnel, parking there, flying, taxi in Inverness. It all adds up) someone mentioned that we should get a minibus and travel up together. The seed was sown!

The next night whilst at work I couldn't get it out of my mind, was this at all possible. Well the next day when I got up I started to search the yellow pages and internet for local vehicle hire firms. Then it hit me, there was a place over the road from the fish & chip shop that we use every Friday. I went down and priced up various minibuses from 7 seaters up to a 17 seater, which is the one we have settled on.

Then I posted an invite on the 2000adonline site and the 2000adreview site and waited for a response. I didn't have to wait long and quickly 10 places were filled. 10 trekkers was the minimum I wanted to make the price within reach and reasonable. This means that if only 10 travel (the price is £360 for the minibus) it will be £36 plus fuel, which can't be bad! I've decided on 14 in the minibus so that we have a bit of space for all our gear and also if anyone wants to lay down.

Next up was the accommodation and with a little help from Richmond Clements we could get a discount if we book our rooms at the Ramada, which is the con hotel. A big thankyou goes out to Richmond for this. Now it was back to the web to see who wanted to get twin rooms or single rooms. This would enable more savings for anyone who doesn't mind sharing a room for two nights!

We are now at the stage where the trekkers are contacting each other to organise the sharing. I'm okay as I've sorted my room out with Buttonman so I can relax a bit.