26 August 2011

30 Years of 2000AD Sketch Cards (2000AD artists)

A few years ago a new trading card collection came out, things were looking good, or so we thought!

This new attempt in the trading card merchandise stakes was from Strictly Ink and it was to be called '30 Years of 2000AD'. I managed to see them handing out sketch cards to some of the 2000AD artists at one of the Dreddcons in Oxford and then it went quiet. A few years later they announced that the first in a series of cards was about to hit the streets! Sadly it was doomed to fail once the fans knew what was heading their way!

It looked good from all the hype but the writing was on the wall. On the promo flyer it mentioned 2 levels of sketch cards, level one would include 'many' artists who had drawn for 2000AD and level two... We need go no further, many artists who had drawn for the prog, all the artists should have drawn for the prog to be part of these sketch cards! 

So we have a few 2000AD artists showing their skills but to also include generic sketch card artists was a big no no as far as I and many fans were concerned. I even sent an email to the firm producing the cards to ask why and their answer was that it would draw the people who like these artists to 2000AD. I didn't think it would and because of that it buggered up the whole collection, as far as I'm concerned.

Here I will show you the 2000AD artists that were included in the set, along with some who were not, plus a few extra surprises which I'm sure you will be able to figure out where not in the set either!

When I bought the first few boxes I came across a fair few of these and decided that I should collect at least one from each artist. There was no point trying to collect all of the cards as that would be insane, even for me. You can still see quite a few floating around ebay with surreal prices attached to them and I doubt those will ever sell, unless the price comes down.

I thoroughly enjoyed collecting these, especially cards from the artists who never managed to be officially in the set. What I didn't enjoy collecting was the set you will see next week!