21 June 2010

Keyrings (Egmont set)

This set of 12 keyrings came out in 1995, under licence from Egmont Foundation, as it says this on the back of each one. Again, I found these by pure accident when I was in town. I'm not absolutely positive but I think they were in Woolies and I just saw a display and so rifled through them to get one of each. Luckily for me they had all 12.

They are in 3 sets of 4, with 2 sets being very similar, using the same Dredd logo, either at the top or the bottom, whilst the other set has a different Dredd logo down the left hand side. When you turn the keyring over you see the same picture, only slightly duller, minus the logo and with a sharp quip type phrase over the top in black bold lettering. Also down both sides, in small writting is the Egmont Foundation info.

I only bothered to buy a couple of spares of the ones which pictures I liked, just in case I ever decided to use them. Obviously I've never used any, as they would get scratched!

16 June 2010

Aspen Prison Shuttle chair!

Yet again my constant scanning of ebay paid off, when I found this surprise! I watched it until the end and put in the starting bid of £80 and I won it, with no challengers (I love you lot). It was over in Tonbridge, so I rang the seller up (Keith Stubbs, if I remember correctly) and we arranged for me to pick it up. That night at work it was a bit slack, so I borrowed a van and drove over to his house to collect it.

When I arrived we had a good old chat about Dredd and 2000AD in general and I admired his collection (he even had a few things that I'd not seen before). We had even bidded against each other on ebay before, as I recognised a prototype Death, with part of his hand missing (I won the Dredd).

The funniest bit was when he told me that his wife had said that no-one would buy the chair, she hadn't met me, lol.

The only parts that are missing are the shoulder restraint that goes over the prisoners arms towards the front and the padded protective section that goes over the very top bar, these movie stars are a soft bunch.

11 June 2010

Dredd wall mural

This is one of the truly fantastic bits of Dredd merchandise that I have, in fact it is so good I have two of them. It was produced in 1987 by Slapstik (I presume) and if I remember correctly, with no fanfare (again).
I have opened one very carefully (so as to replace the staples in the correct holes), just to see what it looks like on a wall. It does look superb but is a bugger to stick initially.

The instructions are on the back and they are quite easy to follow. You have to push out the shapes, with a bit of help from some scissors. You then use a bit of soapy water to moisten the rear and place into position. You may have to hold it in position for a few seconds to aid the adhesive effect but that's no big deal. To

remove you just wet the shape and peel off, simple indeed.
Like I said, I did put one up but due to having a child I can't risk that again, after all he might draw on it! The overall size of this item is 6ft x 4ft so it will take up quite a substantial area on said childs wall. Even I don't think my wife would let me have this in the front room!

I can't remember the price that I paid for them but the first one was found in a cheap'ish shop and the second on ebay a while back. I know that I didn't pay much, as yet again no bidder stepped up to the mark.  Remember folks, you must scan the web at least twice a day to see what's on, just in case a buy it now Dredd item pops up.

Just had a reminder from Pete Wells that this comes from the 1981 Judge Dredd Annual cover and it's by Brian Bolland.

3 June 2010

Judge Dregg

Drokk knows why this was produced by the person behind the Eggberts, but it was and I managed to find one by accident on ebay. It's absolute tat but lovely in a strange kind of way, I mean at least it's another Dredd piece.
If you want to go looking for more, just put eggberts in your search engine (I just did and I won't ever again) and behold the horror! I won't put a link up, as I don't want to encourage anyone to see such sights and I feel it would be better if you can only blame yourself when you type in the name.