17 March 2016

Dredd statue from Unbox Industries

I placed my order in for this statue from Unbox as soon as it became available for Pre-Order, on the 4th of Feb 2016 and it arrived on the 15th of March. That's pretty impressive compared to most other makers of 2000 AD merchandise!

This was on their pre-order page on their website...Unbox Industries
Unbox are proud to present a stunning sculptural interpretation of
legendary illustrator Mike McMahon's contemporary styling of Judge Dredd.

The figure stands 12” high on a magnetic base & includes three different "gun hands" allowing the owner to display either the fearsome MK.1 (realistic or stylized version) or MK.2 Lawgiver.
Dredd is intensively detailed, using a combination of PVC and ABS materials.
Its high-end production succeeds in pushing the envelope for the vinyl figure category, giving new meaning to the term “execution.” Packaged in a full colour box, the figure is a must for serious collectors.
The cost was $85 with $25 shipping, which was a deal as far as I was concerned. I paid up and didn't have too long to wait for my tracking order email. Before I knew it, it was with me and I have to say, I'm mightily impressed.

Anyway, here's a 9 minute video which shows you everything, enjoy!

And here are all the close up'ish photos! Don't forget, just click the picture to enlarge it!

I think this is a must for any Dreddhead out there and for the price, this is a bargain.