31 October 2017

1/12th Mongrol from 3A

3A produced a 1/12th scale Mongrol the other year and I bought the normal version, which made a change, as I bought the Black Hole version in the 1/6th scale version the year before.

I bought this one on a whim and forgot all about it, so when the 2000 AD forum started to moan about the delay on the delivery date for these (yet again), I wasn't bothered. That is until I had a confirmation email with a tracking number inside. Thank God I had forgotten all about it then!

In the following pictures you will notice that the Mess only appears once and on the floor next to Mongrol's legs, the reason being that he falls out of the hole that he's supposed to fit in! Obviously you can fix him in with Blu-tack or glue.

And here he is in front of his box!

I've included a video that shows both the 1/6th and the 1/12th Mongrols, so you can see both colour designs and also the vast size difference. You'll notice they are quite fragile.

4 October 2017

Who is Judge Dredd?

This post is just for fun. At a few comic conventions I have had a few creators try on one of the helmets that I had in my possession. Let's see if you can guess which are which. The answers will be at the end, so no cheating!
There are two bonus Judges who are not creators but you'll have seen them on TV.

Some of the creators may have banners behind them, so you may look at that but it's not always their work, so try and just look at their chins!


















Do you think that you managed to get them all without cheating. I would very much doubt it, which shows how easy it is to become part of the faceless Judge machine in Mega-City One!

Here are the answers:-

A. Simon Davis
B. Ian Edginton
C. Kev Crossley
D. Jack Lawrence
E. Michael Avon Oeming
F. John McCrea
G. Ben Willsher
H. Gary Erskine
I. Mike Collins
J. Charlie Adlard
K. Al Ewing
L. Henry Flint
M. Alec Worley
N. Brian Bolland

O. John Wagner

Bonus Pictures
1. Johnny Vegas
2. Chris Barrie

3 October 2017

Judge Death badge by Planet Replicas

A while ago Planet Replicas started producing badges and obviously the first badge out had to be, DREDD! Who could possibly be up next, there was only one name really after Old Stoney Face..............JUDGE DEATH!

This is a lightweight badge (I have no idea what it's made from) and as per the norm with Planet Replicas, it looks spot on.

At the time of posting this up, it is still available from their web shop. If you leave it too late to buy one, then you may risk missing out, which has happened with other badges in the past!

Here's the link to their site, so you can buy your own PLANET REPLICAS SHOP

As always, here's a stack of pictures to show you the badge in all its glory, or should that say gory. Don't forget, click on the first picture to start the slideshow!

Now go and buy one yourself!