31 October 2017

1/12th Mongrol from 3A

3A produced a 1/12th scale Mongrol the other year and I bought the normal version, which made a change, as I bought the Black Hole version in the 1/6th scale version the year before.

I bought this one on a whim and forgot all about it, so when the 2000 AD forum started to moan about the delay on the delivery date for these (yet again), I wasn't bothered. That is until I had a confirmation email with a tracking number inside. Thank God I had forgotten all about it then!

In the following pictures you will notice that the Mess only appears once and on the floor next to Mongrol's legs, the reason being that he falls out of the hole that he's supposed to fit in! Obviously you can fix him in with Blu-tack or glue.

And here he is in front of his box!

I've included a video that shows both the 1/6th and the 1/12th Mongrols, so you can see both colour designs and also the vast size difference. You'll notice they are quite fragile.


  1. I've got the 1/12. I think it might be the favourite figure I own! I have the issue with the mess. The slot on Mongrol's shoulder just won't fit the, er, nobly bit on Mess's canister.

    Thankfully no breakages yet although some of the armor on his legs comes loose. A lovely looking figure. Looking forward to Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein, they're ever created in 1/12.

  2. They are fiddly and I know what you mean about the leg armour, it comes apart quite easily but luckily is easy to push back together.

    Who knows if they will bring out the rest of the warriors in 1/12th but that is the scale that I would wish to have.


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