21 May 2019

LAWLESS 2019 - Unmissable!

After last years Lawgiver con was over, this year it was re-branded to Lawless - A celebration of British Comics. Su and her team worked their magic and another amazing line-up of talent was added to the guest list, alongside up and coming artists & writers and merchandise sellers!

Anyway, as soon as the dates were known, I booked my room and sorted out a lift for a few of my fellow 2000 AD Southern Contingent members, Ashley, Rachael and Sheridan. Kent to Bristol via London is always better with a few like minded lovers of all things 2000 AD in the car.

How to pack your car!

And how to dump it in your room, ready for the off!

By mid afternoon we had arrived at the Con hotel, The DoubleTree by Hilton and after quickly booking in and unpacking and saying hello to old friends and new and a few creators, who were also booking in, it was off to the Knights Templar for some grub. Afterwards a group of us all piled into a taxi and headed to the Grain Barge. This is the place where many of those at the con gather and reacquaint themselves with a drink or two on the Friday night!

After that, it was another taxi ride back to the hotel. This one ended up being a hilarious Karaoke trip. Dolly Parton and Wham songs sung with gusto!

Once back in the hotel, it was time to drink and chat through the night and generally have a good time. This always flies by and it's soon time to get some shuteye, as this time I didn't want to sleep in, like last year!

You may recognise a few creators in the next batch of shots and yes, I did wear my Ron Hill running shorts all night!

The ladies get worse every year!

The next morning, after a hearty breakfast it was time to queue up, ready for the convention to begin. This is when Pete Wells turned up after jetting down like the Rock Star he is! It's always good to see one of the happiest people that I know!

Once the doors were open, operation signature collecting swung into action. This entailed grabbing a couple more for my books. You can see that blog HERE. Then it was back and forth to the room with numerous Progs, books and cards to be signed. Once the majority of those were sorted, that's when I could relax and chat with creators and buy bits and pieces from them!

John Wagner & Dan Cornwell - ROK of the Reds

Planet Replicas, ready for the off!

Helmets galore!

Gotta at least try the Carlos helmet on

Let's hope 2000AD say yes to these beauties

Damien Edwardson

Baz & Amy Renshaw

Ian Senior invites you to gaze upon his goodies

Lyndon Webb pretends to shoot a couple of potential customers

FutureQuake table with Dave

The Sector 13 table with Peter Duncan & Laurence McKenna

Hard working David Broughton and his creations!

Top Tharg and action Man Steve MacManus

The signatures begin with John Charles

Deadlock is about to pass judgement!

Steven Sterlacchini looking spectacular

Sov Judge trying to brain wash me!

Nicklas Åberg as the stinking Sov

Max Normal flies in from Oz!

He's always up for a bit of a bribe!

The day is still young but for some, it's exhausting work!

Steve Austin

Dylan Teague


Paul Williams

Ian Gibson

Patrick Goddard

David Lloyd

Clint Langley

Boo Cook

Tom Eglington

John Wagner

Dan Cornwell

Colin MacNeil

Lee Carter

Henry Flint

Glenn Fabry

Ben Willsher catches up with Jock


Ben Willsher & Not John Charles

David Roach

Simon Davis

Mike Collins

John Higgins

The main hall

Oo'er missus!

The 1977-2000AD crew interview me for something or other!

When art collectors/dealers meet!

During the con I managed to get about 80% of what I set out to do, done. With the car I can bring way over what I would normally, so I set myself a higher target and if I get over 50% achieved, then I've done well.

I didn't go to any of the panels this year, as I had watched the Carlos Panel at Enniskillen and seeing as two of the guests were the same and I'd filmed it, I continued my hunt around the rooms. As for the other panels, I may have heard a story or two before, over the years. Obviously for many these were highly entertaining. I mean just look at what they had on.

I had a few good chats with Planet Replicas about what they are trying to get through. I chatted to David Roach about his upcoming art book and believe you and me, it sounds something special. John Wagner mentioned his next story for ROK of the Reds and how he would like to promote it.

Eric Peterson was also having an enjoyable time as his Space Bastards seemed to be going down well with the new fans.

There were other chats in the rooms but I also enjoyed watching a few sketches in progress and Boo had a list of quite interesting ones, which included a sketch of a Lawgiver.

It was also fun bumping into all the cosplay, old and new and just chatting with everyone as we all milled about.

After the con was over, everyone went down to the Knights Templar for grub and a few pints before retiring to the hotel bar.

Back to the hotel and I surprised poor Nicklas with a veritable feast of Marmite products. This was after torturing him at another Lawgiver. This time it was much easier for him and he's now fully converted.

Pete Wells becomes the filling in a Swedish Nicklas sandwich

After an evening of fun which went into the wee hours, I ended up outside with Pete Wells, Henry Flint, Dom Reardon and a few others and we discussed numerous things and I was truly lifted by the enjoyable things that were discussed between us. It's these little gems that take such events up another notch in my humble opinion. Hang on a second, when have I ever been humble!

I retired as the birds began to sing and a little while later it was time to get up and have another filling breakfast before packing the car and travelling home. This was when the goodbyes seemed to go on for ever! A few friends I won't see again until the next Lawless, as that is the way life is. Plus, they live in places like Sweden and the Netherlands.

Here's what I bought and had signed over the convention!

I'll end by saying that this is more like a mad family get together than a convention. The whole atmosphere is very relaxed and when everyone hits the bars, the fun begins and doesn't stop till the Sunday, when the goodbyes happen.

The creators are wonderful and always surprise you with a sketch or a tale about something that they are working on but can't say on the web.

The hotel is a great location and the other guests just roll with it, when they see the madness unfold before their very eyes.

Su and her team do a magnificent job and from those humble beginnings, this is a convention not to be missed. In fact it's a bit like Hotel California - You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave! 

Finally, to all you Dreddheads and 2000AD fans out there that make the pilgrimage each year. You are the lifeblood of this convention and long may it last.