24 September 2010

Dredd/Predator statue

This statue was another ebay purchase from a while back. It's made of resin and taken from the artwork of Brian Bolland and his take on a Predator in Dredd's uniform (which seems to be a mix of the movie and comic uniform). It's from the cover of part 1, of the 3 part mini series pictured below.

The unpainted version appeared first on ebay, available from the Far East and I bought it straight away (these are still on ebay now and sell between £20 & £30 normally). I soon realised that I would never paint it, so just waited for a painted one to crop up and one did, eventually! The unpainted one has the retractable blades from the right hand with it but sadly the painted one doesn't (I can live with this because I just imagine that he hasn't extended the blades yet).

The painted statue looks quite stunning (no idea who painted this, as the seller didn't know) and it just adds to my enjoyment, as I look at all the work that has gone into it! By the way, it stands 22cms tall.

Well just to show you how well the finished statue looks, here is a sequence of pictures that show the figure from all sides!

All in all this quite a nice statue, which I presume is another independantly made item, as I've never seen any info saying that it's an official piece (I could be wrong though). I hope that when the new Dredd film hits the screens, we finally get a decent range of statues hitting the shops and at affordable prices, as I'm sick of walking into my comic shop and seeing all the products adorning the walls and shelves and not from just the big 2. So come on Rebellion, lets see some new stuff!

17 September 2010

Wheel Trims from the Land Rover Taxi's

Yes that is real and it shows that I will buy anything, if I see it that is! There I was on ebay doing my 3 times daily search of the planet, for all things Dredd related. I have actually eased back now and it's now dropped down to a full search every other day!

I saw the items for sale in Compton, down the A3 just past Guildford and put my bid in, which was the winning bid. It was stupidly small, about a tenner or something for both of them! I took Sam along in the car to collect them and whilst loading the car the bloke told me that he has a friend who has the front of one of the landrovers in his garage. Damn way too big! Anyway I just managed to squeeze these buggers into the car once the rear seats went down.

You will all be thinking 'he only bought one and used both pics', well here is Sam holding them both up. This was taken a few years ago and since then they have the Land Rover emblem placed back in the centre. I would take a picture but they are both in the attic, out of the way.
By the way, Carolyn was mightily impressed with this purchase!

10 September 2010

Beanie Hats

The very practical beanie hat, as worn by all true friends of Tharg and amazingly this was another buy at a Dreddcon! Not very expensive at the time, I think they were around the £6 mark but don't quote me on that. I bought the set (obviously) and a couple of spare 2000AD ones. One has been given away to my father-in-law for a trip to Iceland (his trip, not mine) and the other is a spare which I have worn when the snow has came down in town and it looks rather fetching. In this set of five hats we have the following :- 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Mean Machine, Strontium Dog & Rogue Trooper (well Helm's Bio-chip).


And just to prove that the 2000AD one does look rather smart, here's a picture of Sam and me in the snow!
Before you ask, no Sam hasn't got one as I think I bought these before he was born, well that's the excuse I'm sticking with. Then again if the 2000AD Shop ever brings some more out I'll get him one!
If they did decide to bring out some more we could have some new ones added to the range, how about Dante's weapons crest, PSI badge, ABC Warriors logo, Judge Death badge, etc...
Come on Tharg!

3 September 2010

Stallone Deform

This is another buy from the model mags around the time the film came out. At the time I was actually buying a few mags each month so that I could really put some time and effort into finding anything Dredd related and it paid off a few times, this is one of them.

As with quite a few of my models it is untouched (wait till you see my effort on the comic deforms and that was not when I gave up, Oh no, that is a story in itself, I still feel sad about this specific incident now but that's for a future blog!!!!) and I didn't even bother to stick the arms on!

The Dredd itself stands 11cm x 6cm and the base measures 10cm x 7cm x 1cm. It's quite solid and very stable standing on it's base and I feel the detail on the figure is quite good but the arms and Lawgiver probably need a bit of work on. I did see a picture of a Stallone and Fergie deforms on the flying Lawmaster in one of the mags but that seemed to never appear anywhere, sadly! I wonder if you could have cut Fergie off the bike!!!