10 September 2013

Lawgiver MK1 by Planet Replicas

At last the Iconic Lawgiver MK1 has been realised by Planet Replicas and is now available for all Dredd fans and fans of sci-fi in general, to own. It's available to buy from their shop HERE, for the rather incredible price of £125 plus p&p.

After the release of the MKII I just knew this would be of an equally superb build and I wasn't wrong, as I was lucky enough to have a play with the proto-type at a couple of conventions! Let me add, it was torturous to hand back at the end of each con.

There isn't much to say really apart from what is written on their site:-


Lovingly created from the original design by Dredd's creator Carlos Ezquerra, this is a faithful reproduction of the iconic original Lawgiver, as first seen in the pages of 2000 AD.
Using additional styling input by Mick McMahon, the replica measures almost 40cm long, and feels amazing in the hand !
Hand finished and cast in solid Polystone, this static piece has a lovely weight to it - and is the ultimate piece for any Dredd collector.
Comes in a printed, retro style card box with polystyrene packing.

Limited run of just 350 pieces !
This is a static piece that has no moving parts and does not fire projectiles.
It is recommended for ornamental use only.

Available with World Wide shipping.

Here's an extra piece added to the blog, since it's been posted.

Now for a load of pictures showing a few close-ups. Obviously these ones are by me and are not the greatest pictures in the world but they do the job. Don't forget to click on a photo to enlarge it!

 Looking underneath the barrel towards the mag and pistol grip.

The pistol grip, front on.

Now for the packaging and as always this has been thought out by the designers, as it has some lovely touches on the box.
You also have the credit card on the front, which shows your limited edition number, 115 for me.

In hand!

It comes extremely well packaged inside the box.

There it is folks, the Lawgiver MK1, which is now on sale from Planet Replicas. I have to say that this is awesome to look at on display and equally, it feels excellent in the hand, if you want to mess about with it.
I shall be using mine, along with the MKII at all future conventions and I'm sure you will see some other Planet Replicas Judges doing the same.

And just to end, here's another picture of the weapon, complete with uniform (which is also available from Planet Replicas), taken at the ExCeL Centre by Steve Green (as were the other two decent pics).

If I were you I would buy one of these before they sell out, especially as this is the ICONIC design, which most Dredd fans still think of when they think of Judge Dredd!