15 July 2013

Packing your Judge uniform for conventions


Having travelled all over the UK with my Planet Replicas uniform I've decided to write this article to show you how I pack it and also give a few hints on what else to take to conventions, to make the patrol more comfortable! When I have my 2012 uniform I'll do a version of how I pack that as well.

First off you need some decent boxes or one large one and you can buy these from places like B&Q, Wickes, etc. I went for two, so I could keep the helmet and shoulder pads separate and primarily to protect the helmet more. Yes you could go for a suitcase but the helmet would still need some protection if you ask me, as I wouldn't put that inside one.

So lets start the photo montage.

The large box, place the boots inside!
 Now place the knee pads inside and then the elbow pads inside those, as they fit there perfectly.

Now place the belt rig on top of those. Obviously the pouches are all full, so you don't have to mess about when you get to the convention. More of that at the end of the article.
 Now place the gloves inside the boots.
I then place a cotton bag on top of the belt rig, to protect the next item.
 Now fold up the leathers and place on top of the cotton bag.

Next up is the Lawgiver, inside of the dropdown holster. The other part of the holster is attached to the belt rig.
Now I add a coat hanger for the leathers, if it's a two day con and you are changing on site!
Now seal the box!

Place the smaller box on top!

Place the eagle and shoulder pad into the box as shown!

Just to show you the way the helmet goes in, I've included this picture (as it has added protection)

Now I wrap the helmet up in a cloth bag and then inside bubble wrap (underneath it I place spare undies and that adds to protection)
 Inside the helmet I place socks and sweatbands and then place the badge and buckle either side.

Now I fill this box with numerous items!
(listed at the end of the article)
 The trolley is a small foldable one that I picked up from Argos.

Now place both boxes on the trolley and behind the top box place a poster tube, which has the daystick inside. This also gives your hand room to grip the handle. Something I learnt the hard way, the first time! You can employ more bungees if you like but this one came with the trolley and I've not felt the need for any extra!

Now for some info on what I add to these two boxes.

Large Box:-

T-Shirts - Towel - Socks - Undies - Drinks, something like lucozade to add the lost salts and minerals due to all the sweating!

Small Box:-

Worn items-
Latex Gloves (the PR gloves stink after you wear them for a while and these also keep your hands dry)
Spare Sweatbands (change as and when)
Body cleaning items-
Anti-Perspirant (you WILL need this)
Handkerchiefs packets
Wet wipes (clean those parts after the end of the day, as you don't want to completely stink on the way home)

Uniform cleaning items-
Boot Brushes and Polish (for leathers to rapidly cover stains and marks while on patrol)
Large Clothes Brush (this gives your leathers that extra sheen)
Shift-It Polishing Cloth (for the helmet)
Anti-Fog Visor Spray and Cloth (wipe this onto the inside of your visor before the patrol and you shouldn't mist up when stood in the heat)
Leather Wipes (removes grime, grease etc)
Febreze (for those stinky boots, gloves and leathers at the end of the patrol)

Assorted Super Glues
Stapler Gun
Needles and Extra Strong Thread
Glue Gun (if you have one)

Also in my belt rig I carry the following items:-
Money - Sweatbands - Business Cards (cosplay ones for swapping after a pic is taken) - Keys (for the cuffs) - Deodorant (tiny ones) - Anything else you can think of and no I don't carry my phone with me, as I don't take calls when out on patrol.

I hope this is of use to anyone thinking of joining the Judges at The Official Brit-Cit Justice Department and at the Official Forum HERE!